4 Easy Ways to Cure Diarrhea

Diarrhea is health problem that often occur nowadays. Many people will get infected by this health problem when they do not eat their food properly. Sometimes, the quality of bad environment may also lead the people to get infected with Diarrhea. Due to that reason, you have to do something to overcome it. Here, there are several solutions that you can do when get Diarrhea ailments.

First, you can overcome your Diarrhea by drinking lemon juice. Lemon juice consists of vitamin C and anti oxidant that can perish the toxin available in your body. Diarrhea sometimes can happen because the amount of toxin in your body is too much. When the amount of toxin is not stabile, your body will get weak and get infected with Diarrhea. When the symptom of Diarrhea happens, immediately you have to make lemon juice. Prepare for 2 or 3 lemons. Then place it inside the blender. Add some sugars and milk when needed. Mix all ingredients. After finish, you can pour it in the glasses. Then, drink this lemon juice for once a day.


Second, the method of curing Diarrhea can also be done by drinking tea. However, the tea that you make to cure Diarrhea should not use sugar at all. There are many people who like to drink tea with sugar. If you want to cure Diarrhea, you have to hold that behavior for a moment until your Diarrhea problem is cured. This type of herbal method is popular to be done in several countries of Asia, such as China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Third, you can also cure Diarrhea by consuming honey. Honey is the best herbal ingredient that has severe amounts of nutrition that your body need. By consuming honey 3 teaspoon every day, you will be able to make your body becomes healthy again. Another method in curing Diarrhea by using honey, you can mix it with hot water. Prepare for hot water and pour 3 teaspoon of honey inside it. After that, you can drink this herbal remedy 2 times a day.

Fourth, if you want proper method to cure Diarrhea, you can try to consume spinach juice. In fact, many people use spinach as ingredients of vegetable soup. However, you can try to make it as a juice in order to cure your Diarrhea. Many people have done this, and they finally get rid of their Diarrhea within 2 – 3 days only.

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