Cabbage Soup Diet and Its Soup Recipes Variations


Being overweight is not nice at all. It makes you feel unconfident at times. For some women, being overweight is a disaster. Because of it, they cannot wear fashionable dresses in order to look gorgeous. There are various ways to lose weight. One of them is that by following on a certain diet. However, some people cannot follow on a diet for a long time. They tend to be bored on the restriction of their diet. Because of it, many people follow a more radical diet to lose their extra weight. This radical diet usually lasts for about a week. However, this kind of diet only allows them to eat very low nutrition and almost non-existence-calories food. One of the radical diets that are popular to lose weight is cabbage soup diet.


The cabbage soup diet is popular since 1980s. If you want to be on this diet, you must have a determination to follow it for seven days. Some people said that they can lose their weight up to 4.5 kg after following this diet. However, many experts believe that this diet is not effective in losing permanent weight. They think that it is only water loss instead of fat loss.

If you want to try it, you must follow these steps.

-     On day one, you may eat cabbage soup and fruits. You can eat any fruits in any amount you like except banana.

-     On day two, you may eat cabbage soup and vegetables.

-     On day three, you may eat cabbage soup, fruits, and vegetables. However, you must not eat bananas and potatoes.

-     On day four, you may eat cabbage soup, no more than eight bananas, and skim milk in any amount you like.

-     On day five, you may eat cabbage soup, no more than six tomatoes, and beef (10 ounce).

-     On day six, you may eat cabbage soup, vegetables, and beef as much as you wanted. But you must not eat potatoes.

-     On day seven, you may eat cabbage soup, vegetables (except potatoes), fruit juice with no sugar, and brown rice.

At a glance, this diet is hard. Eating cabbage soup in seven days of course is not appetizing. However, there are some variations of cabbage diet soup recipes that you can make. Therefore, in those seven days, you will taste and eat different diet soup recipes.

One of the cabbage diet soup recipes: the original


-     Cabbage (1 head)

-     Carrots (6)

-     Tomatoes (3-big ones)

-     Celery (5 stalks)

-     Green onions (6)

-     Medium onions (6)

-     Bell peppers (2)

-     Uncooked brown rice (4 oz)

-     Salt and black pepper

This original version is easy to make. You must slice the vegetables. After that, put them in a pot of water. Boil it with the lid open for ten minutes. Add the rice, salt, and pepper. Next, cover the pot and lower the heat. Let it until it simmer.

The refreshing cabbage soup


-     Shredded green cabbage (1 1/2 cup)

-     Sugar (1 tsp)

-     Cucumber (1), diced it

-     Chicken broth or beef broth (3 cans)

-     Mustard (1tbsp)

-     Fresh dill (1 tbsp), minced it

-     Buttermilk (2 cups)

-     Parsley (2 tbsp)

One of these variations of cabbage diet soup recipes is more appetizing than the original one. To make it, boil the broth and the cabbage in 10 minutes. After that, remove the pan and add the sugar, dill, and mustard. Mix it. Next, add and stir the buttermilk and cucumber. Let the soup cool, add the parsley, and store it at your fridge.

Cabbage Soup Diet and Its Soup Recipes Variations

Cabbage Soup Diet and Its Soup Recipes Variations

Cabbage Soup Diet and Its Soup Recipes Variations

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