Checking the Healthier Options for Gallbladder Removal Diet

A special diet after the removal of gallbladder is obviously needed. Gallbladder is known to be a sac that will store bile produced by liver between meals. After a meal, the bile will be squeezed and stored in intestine. Bile is mixed with fat and food and important to help digestion of fat and the transfer from intestine to the body. When gallbladder is removed, bile is no longer can be stored. Therefore keeping the good foods in gallbladder removal diet will be a necessary thing to be done. There is a need to change daily diet because an apparent change in the way digestion system works.


There is one obvious side effect from gallbladder removal. That side effect is diarrhea and as mentioned above, this happens due to the faster food passage. There might be other reasons of why the gallbladder removal causes diarrhea but the most common cause if the food passage that has faster and unusual speed. Gallbladder removal diet needs to be able to help the body get used to the faster speed.

Criteria for Good Foods

The followings are criteria of good foods for the gallbladder removal diet. Take a note to these points to always remember the good and healthy diet after gallbladder removal:

  • Bland diet. In the first few weeks after the surgery, the bland low-fat diet will be the easiest to be digested. Try to also include bananas, soup, rice, toast and pasta. These foods will help the body to get used to the absent of gallbladder. Bile duct will gradually enlarge and take over storage function.
  • Cholesterol considerations. It is important to remember that gallbladder has been removed. Therefore considering cholesterol is a good thing. It is important to limit the amount of cholesterol by taking fewer fats in the daily diet.
  • Healthy fats. Olive oil and fish oil are the sources of healthy fats to be included in gallbladder removal diet. The body will still need healthy fats. It might be good to also add bile supplement in each meal in order to be able to make sure and support the body with sufficient supply.
  • Low-fat. Another important point in conjunction with cholesterol considerations. According to nutritionists, Peggy Stanfield, 40 to 50 grams of fat will be enough per day. Skim milk, non-fat yogurt, fish or poultry, limited amount of lean meat and some others are examples of good foods to be included.

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