Dealing with Cold and Allergy

A runny nose is not merely about having a cold. The latest medical research actually will let you to understand that the runny nose is not as simple as seem. If you think that taking the generic medicine will be enough, have to think further for now. Not every runny nose is the symptom for the usual cold.  It is also possible to happen for those who has allergy. Without a real care, it will be impossible to deal with the runny nose for good.


The Differences

By definition, cold and allergy has differences. Cold is caused by viruses while allergy is caused by overactive immune system. Those who have cold will experience the virus attack and to deal with it, your body immune system will attack the virus. During this period, it will be common to experience congestion. Some people may also have coughing as the other symptom.  The virus is contagious. For this reason, you have wear mask or closing your mouth and nose when sneezing to limit the chance the virus will spread through the air. Be sure to wash your hand frequently to limit any infection from the virus. Unlike cold, allergy is not contagious. The cold alike symptom merely is another overactive behavior that your body immune system has.  Cold usually will last for 3 to 14 days, while allergy may last from days to months. You can take the common medicine for the usual cold. But for allergy, avoiding the allergen will be the only thing. Most people will have cold in winter. But for those with allergy, it can be anytime of the year. It is also worth to note that certain allergen actually seasonal. You can easily notice the pattern when you have specific allergy such as the seasonal tree pollen allergy.

The Treatment

It is important to treat cold and allergy accordingly.  Most doctors will give you antihismine and decongestant for cold and allergy treatment. Antihistamine will help you to deal with congestion and runny nose problem. Decongestant will let you to have less stuffy nose feel. Once the doctor has confirmed that you suffering from cold, you may get another medicine such as Advil and Tylenol. Getting more rest and drinking mineral water will be the common suggestion for quick recovery rate.  For those with allergy problem, you may get spayed nasal steroid or the allergy shots.   For the allergy shot, this method actually will let you have more exposure to the allergen. If you think your current condition unfit, you need to reconsider taking the allergy shot.

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