Good Diet for Ulcers for Faster Recovery

There are some people who suffer from peptic ulcers. This condition happens when there is ulcer in the walls of stomach or intestine. This is not a convenient condition and everyone wants it to go away soon. While being in this condition, eating will become very inconvenient. Therefore, there is a need to adjust the daily diet with diet for ulcers. There are various foods those are suggested in order to help easing the symptoms and in the end will help the healing process.

Good Diet for Ulcers for Faster Recovery

The Suggested Foods to Be Consumed

It is recommended to check the foods that will be eaten. Fiber is known to be extremely necessary to maintain the health of stomach. In diet for ulcers in the stomach, making sure that there are enough supplies of fiber alongside the great sources of nutrition such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins is important. In addition to that, fruits and vegetables those are rich in flavonoids as well as other compounds such as alkaloid, coumarins and others can help as well. These foods have medicinal properties and will be very helpful. The followings are good foods with a lot of flaovonoids or other antioxidants:

  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Cranberries
  • Garlic
  • Green tea
  • Onions
  • Strawberries

When checking diet for ulcers, milk will usually gets thrown to the avoid list. However, some types of yogurt can be taken and safe for stomach ulcers.

The Foods to Be Avoided

In general, the foods those are high in acidity, fat or the foods that tend to give heart burn must be avoided in diet for ulcers. The followings are some example of foods those will need to be excluded from the daily diet when stomach ulcers come.

  • Carbonated beverages. They’re naturally acidic and thus sodas or other carbonates beverages need to be excluded from the food list.
  • Coffee. It doesn’t matter whether the coffee is caffeinated or even decaffeinated; coffee is known to be acidic and might irritate the stomach lining.
  • Fatty foods. The foods with high saturated fats such as the fatty red meat, buttery pastry or the foods with heavy cream have the tendency to promote inflammation and trans fats are even worse than that.
  • Spicy foods. Some people are okay with these foods but some people have problems with them. Therefore, there is a need to cut out the spicy foods from the diet list.
  • Tomatoes, citrus and the juices. They need o be avoided because of acidity.

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