Healthy Foods to Eat for the Heart and Kidney

There is a saying, “you are what you eat”, and that is proven. People who eat unhealthy foods suffer diabetes, heart failure, cholesterol, high or low blood pressure, uric acid, cancer and many more. It perhaps doesn’t show quickly but usually for years some diseases are already living inside our body. No wonder we should properly take rest, eat and exercise. And yes healthy foods to eat are required. For those who are young, you better pay good attention. What you are going to read is about healthy foods to eat for keep your heart and kidney healthy. I bet you want to know more. Keep reading then!


Healthy Foods to Eat For the Heart

Heart diseases are experienced by people who don’t used to do exercise. But by doing exercises is not enough to prevent you from heart disease such as heart failure. Eating fast food or junk food began to be our lifestyle since a view decades ago.  Due to that we have to know about healthy foods to eat for our heart. Vegetables such as spinach, radish and lettuce are able to reduce heart disease up to 11 percent. Oat as a breakfast meal can surely reduce cholesterol that can trigger heart disease as well. In order to live longer with a healthy hearth we also got to eat fruits such as apples and tomatoes that can clean the blood and prevent blood clots. The last food to keep your heart healthy is Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate that contains approximately 150 calories can for sure be a healthy diet for people who already suffer cardiovascular disease. Those are some healthy foods to eat for the heart.

Healthy Foods to eat for the kidney

Although kidneys are parts within the body with a small size each but it is very significant to our health such as filtering the blood, produce hormones, maintain acid balance and others. Therefore healthy foods to eat are required too here. Here are some foods that are highly recommended for your kidneys health. Garlic, reduces bad cholesterol levels and inflammation in the body. Strawberry, cranberry, raspberry and blueberry are other foods that can reduce inflammation. Another one is cabbage that improves the function of kidneys and is often used as a natural remedy to repair and nourish the kidneys. The last one is apple. This fruit is good for detoxification and cleanse the kidneys. Therefore you should eat apples every day. Those are some healthy foods to eat for the kidney. Keep your kidney healthy!

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