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Landlords Insurance

December 14, 2012

What landlords should look out for regarding insurance

Currently demand for rental property is outstripping supply which is great news for landlords.  It’s important therefore to stress the necessity of buying landlords insurance.  Without adequate cover you and your property investment may not be secure, so speak to a professional online broker about which type of cover they can provide you with.  It’s an uncertain time throughout the UK employment sector so it makes sense for landlords to purchase loss of rent cover just in case a tenant loses their job and is unable to meet their monthly rental payments.

Legal expenses

When buying landlords insurance from online recommended brokers check out legal expenses cover which will protect you in the case of any disputes which may end up in court.  Having legal expenses protection is a comforting thought for landlords knowing that professionals will deal with any major tenants’ disagreements on their behalf, they won’t have to find expensive solicitors to resolve the situation, all landlords will have to do is make a claim on their policy.  The problem will be dealt with swiftly by experienced claims advisers, once the matter is dealt with you can get on with running your rental accommodation portfolio.

Confident insurance brokers

Online brokers are confident they can provide any landlord with the right level of landlords insurance cover.  They will check their database of well-known UK insurance partners to provide affordable cover without compromising on policy key features, in the unlikely event any landlord is unhappy about their insurance package there’s a fourteen day cooling off period to receive a full refund.  You have a duty when applying for landlords insurance online to disclose all the necessary facts about yourself and your rental properties in order to receive the best in landlord insurance, failure to do so could make any future claim invalid.

Unoccupied landlords insurance

Landlords who have properties which are unoccupied even for a short period of time should consider purchasing unoccupied landlords insurance.  A policy can be taken out for three, six, nine months or up to one year to provide all the necessary protection a property may against:-

  • Vandalism
  • Break-ins
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Squatters

If your rental property is empty when making a claim it may be rejected so don’t take the risk, contact brokers about unoccupied landlord insurance as soon as possible. They will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the right level of cover.



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