Plasmapheresis for People with Multiple Sclerosis

The latest science will let you to learn more about new stuff.  But still, it does not mean that the latest science already has the answer for everything. You will find Multiple Sclerosis or in short MS as one of the problem with unknown cause. The latest research simply takes the chance on the potential combination between infectious agent and genetics. It is also interesting to found the MS case based on the geography. A person who lives far from the equator -such as the northern European population- has higher risk to suffer from MS. It is worth to note that migration for those younger than 15 years old age may give positive influence to limit the MS case.


Simple, Painless and Quick Procedure

For people with MS, plasmapheresis will be a real help. This method will work similar with kidney dialysis. The plasma from the donor or a plasma substitute will replace the old plasma in your body.  This mechanism will help people with sudden MS attack.  Procedure is painless and no anesthesia is needed.  You will only spend 2 to 4 hours for plasmapheresis to complete.  With fresh plasma, you can prevent your own protein to attack your health accordingly.

The Side Effects

Despite of the simplicity, plasmapheresis also has side effects.  The first side effect is low blood pressure during the plasma exchange.  To avoid any unwanted situation, it will be best to check your blood pressure before taking the procedure. It is also important to discuss with the doctor when you have a special situation with the blood pressure. The second is weak, dizzy or nauseous.  These 3 side effects are not dangerous but can be bothersome when you are not ready enough. Once the procedure is over, you may need to take a rest for a while. Some people experience sudden tiredness after the procedure complete. But such weaken condition will heal naturally within few hour. It will be safe not to drive after you have the plasma exchange. The third side effects are bleeding and allergic reaction.  Bleeding usually set by your vein status. It is also possible to happen with people with blood coagulation disorder. To avoid further problem such as infection, you need to make sure that quick help is given by the doctor.  While the allergic symptom set by the fact that you get something that outside your body. If you detect this kind of allergy, it will be best to look for another treatment for your MS problem.

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