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August 30, 2010

Abbey and Peter Crouch’s Honeymoon Gift List

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Jason Statham and Sophie Monk

Abbey Clancy has managed to remain friends with her ex, Jason Statham, and we would guess that in celebrity circles that means an invite to the wedding of the year. But what will an actor qualified in mixed-martial arts buy from the couple’s honeymoon gift registry? Well, we can only imagine that he’ll leave the present buying to his new girlfriend, Sophie Monk.

Like Abbey, Sophie was once in a girl-group. However, her band was slightly more successful than Abbey’s, and Sophie managed to secure herself a couple of number one singles. We’re sure that Abbey could use some career advice, or failing that, we think that a great present for the couple’s honeymoon gift registry would be the hire of the exclusive Lime Green Records studio in Dubai. A day’s package at the studio involves tuition with a singing coach, as well as a recording of your own single on CD. We just hope that Abbey and Peter don’t go all Jordan and Peter Andre on us, and subject the world to another album of duetted Disney Songs.

Ashley and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl and Abbey are used to going head-to-head in FHM readers’ polls, but in reality these two WAGs get on really well. We’re almost certain that the well-manicured Cheryl and Ashley will be happy to contribute to the honeymoon gift list and speculate that they would treat them to the original gift of a group day at a luxury health spa. But whilst we feel that Cheryl, Abbey and Ashley will feel right at home at the Grand Spa in the Hyatt Hotel, we can’t imagine that Peter would be so relaxed in such metrosexual surroundings. However, seeing his new wife coated in the chocolate-based massage treatments that this spa specialises in is certain to change his mind, and we’re sure that if they were to buy this gift then it would prove to be a welcome addition to the honeymoon gift registry.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Abbey likes shopping nearly as much as Coleen and both girls certainly know the secrets of mixing designer and high street. But whilst the streets of Liverpool are the venue of choice for these WAGs, we would imagine that Abbey will choose to indulge in her little retail habit whilst on her honeymoon. We speculate that a seasoned shopper, like Coleen would add a shopping tour in the Emirates to the couple’s honeymoon gift registry and whilst the couple are bound to indulge in all their designer favourites the honeymoon gift list excursion commonly offered throughout Dubai aims to introduce them to some more traditional souks, where they can drop some dirham furnishing their six-bedroom house in Alderley Edge.

Janice Dickinson

Janice and Abbey paired up to present “Abbey & Janice: Beauty and the Best”, following Abbey’s efforts to break into the American modeling market. But whilst Abbey’s attempts we’re clearly not very successful, we’re sure that Abbey wouldn’t hold that against her co-host, and would probably even provide her with a wedding invite. In the first episode of the series Janice forced Abbey to dive with sharks in the Liverpool Aquarium, and we imagine that this initiation could very well make an appearance on the honeymoon gift list. The Dubai Mall is the place to go if you want to dive with sharks in the Emirates and as the mall is practically Abbey’s second-home, we think that this extreme sport will provide a romantic start to the couple’s dream honeymoon.

We’re sure that with WAGs the world over hoping to secure an invite to 2010s hottest event, there are bound to be many more crazy additions to the couple’s honeymoon gift list. But with us guesstimating grand gifts of sharks, shopping trips and spas, you can only imagine how disappointed we’ll be if the couple opt for a rather more demure wedding gift list in Argos.

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