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August 25, 2010

About Joe Mcelderry

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If you want to learn some information about Joe Mcelderry from X factor then I think I can help you out. I am a big fan of Joe Mcelderry and after doing a lot of research online and reading about him in the local newspapers have found out a lot about the great little singer appearing in X Factor this year. Here are some of the main facts about him.

Joseph is currently 18 years old and is from the South Shields area of Newcastle which is in the north of England near Scotland. He lives at home with his family and is currently a student. he has had a crush on Cheryl Cole for a long time and they are both from the same area of Newcastle.

Joe Mcelderry sang a song called ‘dance with my father’ at his audition in Newcastle to get into the X factor. Cheryl Cole said “You had me at hello”. She is mentoring Joe throughout the show too and explains on the show that he is like a little brother to her. They both sing and are from the same area so Joe Mcelderry and her have quite a bit in common.

When Joe has been on the show he has had to live inside the house with the other contestants. He has according to rumours started a relationship with Stacey Solomon who is another contestant in the house. These rumours have not been definitely confirmed as of yet.

He has been seen singing Karaoke on the internet with housemate on the show Lucie Jones. They were singing Grease songs from the musical It looked like great fun.

It is widely thought that Joe is one of the favourites to win the whole of X Factor 2009. he has looks, a smooth voice and likability factor with his always present smile. He has never been in the bottom two so far but he has some stiff competition from other male acts in the competition. Vote for Joe mcelderry to win. He s great!

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