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August 29, 2010

Celebrity Hair Extensions – Who’s Faking It?

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Hair extensions represent a trend that started purely in the world of celebrity. It is a trend however that crossed over and is now widely available to anyone who wants them applied to add a bit of length, volume, and colour and to basically give their hair a bit of a lift. For many celebs however this goes a step further…

For many celebs the key to fantastic hair comes with the clever use of hair extensions that are carefully blended to match natural hair; this is otherwise known as actress hair and used to be one of the biggest secrets when it came to the world of celebrity hairdressers. Due to the easy availability of hair extensions etc, many celebrities have much shorter hair in their private lives than they do in their public lives.

Before extensions really started to explode on our scene, the hairdressers to the stars weren’t allowed to openly discuss which celebrities were faking it and what their natural length was. Oh how times have changed! Now, thanks to extensions being available to the public, a lot more celebs are open about whether they are or aren’t wearing them. It has also led to a lot more big name stars trying them out for themselves. So just who are these celebs who have embraced longer, fuller hair?

Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Michelle Heaton and Cheryl Cole as well as Lilly Allen are just a few examples of some of the people who have embraced extensions at some point, many of them often going back for more.

Paris Hilton is constantly reinventing her hair through the use of hair extensions. Cheryl Cole has used them to add length and volume, which was achieved through a full head of natural texture great length extensions. Jessica Simpson loves hers so much that she has brought out her own range of extensions and is rarely seen without them. Victoria Beckham has currently ditched her long locks but relied on them a few years ago and Michelle Heaton is another fan of great lengths extensions. She loves them so much that after having her extensions removed she soon returned to a salon to have them put back in.

All of the celebs who do fake it do so because they love to play around with different hairstyles. This may be to just add a bit of length and volume for an interview or it could be to experiment with bold colour streaks.

If you are one of the many people who want to follow in the footsteps of celebs and have extensions applied for yourself you should be aware of how you properly care for them. Be being aware of tips such as the following you will ensure that you get the most from your extensions and that they last as long as they can:

o Use a soft brush

o Gently tie your hair back when you are sleeping

o Don’t colour your hair extensions at home

o Prevent tangling by running your fingers through

o Don’t spray them with conditioners or silicone based products

Remember celebs only get the best so if you truly want hair that matches your idols then it is important you choose your salon wisely. You need to ensure that your stylist is highly trained, skilled and experienced in the application and removal of hair extensions.

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