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August 15, 2010

Cowell cements Sony partnership

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Simon Cowell Cowell has enjoyed huge success with both his TV and music projectsSimon Cowell and Sony Music Entertainment are to strengthen their partnership with a new joint venture.

The collaboration will pull together artists and shows from Cowell’s already successful label Syco.

The first project will be the X Factor’s US launch next year.

Syco also owns the Got Talent TV format as well as artists such as Leona Lewis.

“I have had a fantastic relationship with Sony for many years,” said Cowell.

“I’m delighted we are launching this venture together,” he added.

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Sony’s UK boss, Ged Doherty, described Cowell as an “inspiring and stimulating business partner”.

Earlier this month, Cowell, 50, announced he was leaving Fox TV’s American Idol as a judge to launch a US version of the X Factor on the same network.

The music mogul said he would be a a judge on the new show. He will also be the executive producer.

The X Factor currently airs in 17 countries.

ITV said the star would continue with “both his on-screen and production role” on the UK version of the show.

The Got Talent franchise has also proved extremely successful.

Last year, Britain’s Got Talent launched the career of Susan Boyle – eight million people around the world have bought the Scottish singer’s debut album in less than two months.

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