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September 1, 2010

Showering Chic


The UK is seeing a greater spend on giving their homes a more personal touch and a wow factor to make their visitors envious. Research has shown that 80% of the UK would like to make a greater style statement in their homes, looking to celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell for inspiration when it comes to sophisticated and fashionable decorating.

The top celebrity that the UK wants to draw inspiration from is Cheryl Cole, with 19% looking towards the Girls Aloud star for inspiration and tips on how to get the perfect look. Other celebrities popular amongst the UK for design ideas include Simon Cowell (16%) and Nigella Lawson (15%), a complete mix of celebrities from varying backgrounds.

With every list there is a bottom as well as a top and a number of stars have been highlighted as a no go zone for fashion tips. Jordan came top of the list of fashion no no’s with a massive 27% of the votes. In second place, not surprisingly, is the Queen with 17% of the votes and in third, rather ironically, was Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen with 16% of the votes. This simply shows that money and fame do not buy you credibility, neither does being a design and makeover guru guarantee that people like your ideas.

Simon Cowell was top choice for 20% the men in the survey, whilst Nigella Lawson particularly appealed to the 35 – 64 age group. Her majesty the Queen also proved an unlikely trendsetter, with those over 65 favouring her home for style tips, though unable to win the hearts and minds of everything else in the survey.

The celebrity with the least coveted interior style was Jordan with 27% of people not believing a visit to her home would provide any style tips or ideas.

Inferior Interiors?

Despite the current economic climate research has shown that UK residents are still spending more on their homes and making them look good with 20% spending more than ?1,000 on injecting more flair into the home in the past year and 40% having spent ?500 or more, with men surveyed most likely to apply a lick of paint to give their home a personal touch and women most likely to ensure they have matching accessories.

The research also showed that 80% of people feel their homes reflect their personality, with the living room capturing their style and personality most, followed by their bedroom. Bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms were seen as less stylish and six in ten people in the UK and Ireland would like to make more of a statement with their home, women in particular, with a further 55% of people feeling conscious of what other people think about their home.

Nosey Brits

Research has shown that we all like to know what other people have in their home and what people get up to when in other peoples bathrooms. Findings have revealed that almost half (46%) of naughty Brits have had a nose in other peoples bathroom cupboards, with women more likely to than men and 59% of under 25s admitting to taking a peek to see what’s inside.

In addition, 55% of us have confessed to something embarrassing happening to them in someone else’s stylish bathroom. 30% of us have embarrassingly walked in or been walked in upon whilst in the bathroom whilst 13% of us have blocked a toilet or plughole and 5% of us have broken something whilst having a look around. Another 5% of people have been caught short on the way to the bathroom, while a cheeky 3% have been caught borrowing something that does not belong to them.

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