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August 28, 2010

Start Slimming This Summer

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Summer is the ideal time for people to begin slimming down to achieve their perfect body shape, according to a weight loss expert. Dr Jacquie Lavin, Slimming World head of nutrition and research, said that men and women should use the positive energy of summer to help them lose weight and get a desirable beach body before they go on holiday.

“Psychologically, the summer holidays can be a great time of year to start your weight loss journey. The warmer weather brings with it a feeling of optimism, creating a positive state of mind,” she said.

Achieving an acceptable beach body is a serious worry for many potential holidaymakers and may stop them from enjoying their precious time away from work, according to research by Slimming World.

A national survey of women conducted by the organisation and YouGov found that wearing a swimming costume in public was the top holiday horror for 73 per cent of travellers.

In addition, 62 per cent of female holidaymakers said that they feared wearing revealing clothes and 39 per cent confessed that they felt unable to go on a beach on holiday because of concern about their body image.

“Most women worry about their bodies sometimes and there’s nothing like the thought of stripping off on a crowded beach to bring those anxieties to the forefront,” said Dr Lavin.

Scientists at the University of Liverpool discovered that weight loss products can help people who want to lose weight fast if they take them alongside a balanced diet and healthy exercise regime.

Losing weight through products such as t5 slimming pills and t5 fat burners is likely to help people boost their confidence before they embark on a beachside holiday.

Dr Lavin said: “Starting to shed unwanted pounds before heading off on holiday is great for self esteem.”

Hollywood starlet Charlize Theron was recently photographed with a weight loss product while shopping in Los Angeles and has admitted to experiencing ‘fat days’ like other women.

The Oscar-winning actress said: “Life is just as complicated for me as it is for any other woman out there and I wake up just like ever other woman sometimes and can’t fit into my jeans and feel fat and ugly and have bad days.” Further research by Slimming World and YouGov found that curvy Kate Winslet had the most desirable celebrity body of 2009 ahead of Kelly Brook, Halle Berry and Cheryl Cole.

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