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September 4, 2010

Who Will Win the X-Factor Fashion Stakes?

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The X-Factor returned to our screens on Saturday and the show ended up with what Simon Cowell described as the best first audition ever from school teacher Danyl Johnson. It was a really great performance, certainly not possible in the old format in front of just the judges, but with the live audience Danyl set out to entertain, and boy did he entertain.

Cheryl Cole and Danni Minogue both looked fantastic. Danni sported a great new bob hairstyle and looked very stylish. As usual she was seen in her trademark one shoulder outfits. Danni’s look on the show has always been marked by blouses, knee length skirts and dresses, and great statement shoes. This perhaps indicates her more mature years over Cheryl.

Cheryl wore a great Tibi dress, and sported a coiffed pony tail look. She appeared to have adopted more colourful items, although as the auditions were through the summer maybe that was an influence. Think of Cheryl and you think of short dresses, tightly fitting outfits, leather trousers and platform heels. As the most talked about member of glamour girl group Girls Aloud, she is a trendsetter rather than a follower of fashion.

Do they compete which each other over fashion? They say no, but no doubt they both want to look better than their fellow judge, although I am sure they would not dare to be heard in public saying rival.

My money is still on Cheryl getting more fashion headlines, but that is more to do with her looks and youth, and popularity, than necessarily dressing better. Danni has her style, and no doubt will also have designers wanting to dress her when the live finals come around.

As for who will win in the fashion stakes? Hard to tell, but there will be plenty of great dresses that will have celebrity wannabes clamouring to get a similar style in the coming weeks.

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