Shake For the Sake of Your Weight

What to Get

Weird as it sounds, but the liquid diet has been applied since a long period, although it is usually on the medical patients. Just like the name, liquid diet is where the individual on the diet received their daily nutrients on the form of shake drinks, mostly contains vitamins, and the previously calculated amounts of minerals and proteins. During the diet itself, there are no solid foods that are allowed to be consumed. The calories that the shakes contained are differ, depends on the dietary plan of the individual him/herself. The liquid diet comes in various types, the high protein, the high fat, the high carbohydrate, or combinations from the types.

Liquid protein is the drink that being used in the diet plan, it usually comes in rich protein shake with any kind of taste. Depends on the type of the liquid diet, the individuals could only consume this or combined with any liquid shakes that come from fruit or vegetables, for example, to help supplying the fiber or mineral needed.

To hear the term liquid protein diet or any other type liquid diet most of the times made people wince or frown in repugnance. This is common, since liquid diet itself most of the times implemented on patients that went through an operation process, either pre-operative, or post-operative to help the convalescence process.

This diet plan has a few benefit, one that most conspicuous is its convenience. The drink powder that is used to make the protein shake is usually common to be found in local pharmacy or grocery store. The liquid shakes sometimes also already available without any beforehand process needed. This made anyone that undergoing a liquid protein diet plan wouldn’t need any culinary fuss to prepare their diet. The liquid diet also known for its fast process on reducing the weight, this is why few people that already desperate with their failed diet plan, decided to turn into liquid diet.

For some people, deciding to follow the liquid diet plan could be a major step. This is because liquid diet plan would completely transform the normal eating habit. Yet by this, the individual could also learn self-discipline and at the same time organizing their lifestyle; help to removing any unhealthy eating customs or binge eating.


What It Took

Because of the origin and also because of the method it’s needed, generally the liquid diet or liquid protein diet is prescribed and under strong supervision of doctors. Even though the individual is not in part of any medical operation, it is still highly recommended to consult a doctor or dietary experts beforehand and during the liquid diet plan.

Any individuals that decide to try this diet plan always have to remember that the liquid diet is a major transformation, not only for the eating habit, but also for the body. The body that usually consumes certain amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, now has to cut back the number and burn the calories. Theoretically, it would decrease the weight, but at the same time it would also cut down the body metabolism—especially at the first days of the diet plan.

The liquid protein diet also could turn out into fruitless result, even negative, if the person doesn’t count the other nutrient elements that the body needed. The lack of mineral and or any other nutrients could result into hair loss, hormone problems, or heart damage. The amount of fiber and vitamin also should be controlled carefully for the sake of the digestion process.

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