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Simon Cowell

October 29, 2010

American idol 9 – LA Audition part 1

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Idol goes home for the Los Angeles auditions tonight. Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry are tonights guest judges. Eleven thousand hopefuls lined up at the Rose Bowl, Ryan Seacrest announces from his KIIS FM radio studio Now a little Yay Hollywood! video package. Avril Lavigne judges the first day. Shes wearing a hoodie with devil horns. Neil Goldstein Rock and Roll Dreams Come True by Meatloaf Neil brags that he has an IQ of 168, and a thousand different hobbies. His shiny, sweater face is in desperate need of a nice fluffy towel, or some powder. Ew. This dude is so OTT, he has to be a put on. He says the title of his album would be Hope. Hes determined to go to Hollywood. When he speaks, hes got a distracting throat tick. And when he singswell, of course he sucks. And as his type typically does, he begins arguing with Simon. I dont feel your suited for the business says Simon. Uh oh. Another contestant who refuses to leave the audition room. Neil finally leaves when hes threatened with security. Jim Ranger 27 Bakersfield, CA Drive Worship leader has 3 kids. Aw, look at his awesome kids. He tries to impress the judges with a self penned song. Hes OK, nothing special. Simon thinks hes authentic (Simons new favorite word?) Avril says no. She gives him a big lecture about how tough the showbiz life will be on his family. Eh, hook him up with Daughty, hell set the dude straight on multitasking. But, since Randy and Kara say yes (with a little fake-out as Kara hesitates) Jim is on

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