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Simon Cowell

December 28, 2010

American Idol – Season 9 – Jan 27, 2010 // Joe Jonas – Dallas / Part 5

Tags: , , , , , , “American Idol” – “Auditions: Dallas” – Jan. 27, 2010 We are in the Lone Star state and our guest judges are Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas. Ryan says 11000 have shown up to audition. NPH jokingly says he hopes to make people cry. We get a montage of previous Texas hopefuls including Kelly Clarkson and a woman named Julie who auditioned the same year, tragically. She says she’s taken acting classes since then. Vocal lessons would’ve been better as her take on “Black Velvet” is not much better than her “Lady Marmalade.” NPH says it was not good. She keeps trying to sing until she’s escorted out. Four no’s. She keeps singing as she leaves, blaming her breath control. We get a montage of yes’s to happy women. Then we meet a guy named Lloyd who likes to the robot. He has two daughters and shows pictures of them. We also see footage of his job and home. He sings “Overjoyed” and it’s nice. They all like him and Simon calls him his favorite so far. Four yes’s. We get a montage of Simon and NPH disagreeing over several contestants. Up next is Kimberly who sings an original song a snappy poppy-jazzy-r&b thing. She’s a little shouty but has a good voice. Randy likes it. Simon doesn’t think she’s current. NPH disagrees and thought she was great. As does Kara. Three yes’s.

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