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Simon Cowell

November 13, 2010

Belle Amie’s X Factor Judges’ Houses Performance –

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The X Factor 2010: Esther, Rebecca, Sophia and Geneva were chosen at bootcamp by the judges to create a brand new girl group. Having auditioned as individuals, this is their first test to see if the gel. Will Simon be happy with his creation? See more at

Aaron Kelly I Dont Want To Miss A Thing: Not sure if Aaron was actually good or just a welcome change from the complete trainwrecks that proceeded him, but finally! No more gagging! His performance wasnt perfect — Aaron was fighting laryngitis and tonsillitis — but his slight country twist to Aerosmiths monster love ballad showed that he knows who he wants to be musically. All of the judges complimented the vocals, but Simon felt Aaron was making himself old fashioned. Should we even bother talking about Ryan saying to vote for David Archuleta here? I didnt think so OK, just one second. The gagging was back. Suck it, Ryan! Moving on!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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