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Simon Cowell

June 11, 2011

Casey James: Top 10 Performance ( Hold on)

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2. Casey James Hold On, Im Coming by Sam & Dave For the first time I believe in all of Caseys performances, there was more of his voice than him playing the guitar. While I am normally not a fan of his, I enjoyed his performance this week. But as my step mom said continuously, He is eye candy! Well duh. That is the only reason he is on the show. Caseys future is as one heck of a lead guitarist, but not as a bland wannabe rockstar. Wait, does Nickleback need a singer? It was one of Caseys better performances, but to me it was like the Detroit Lions having a good season. Sure it does not happen every often and it was nice. But how good is having a 9-7 performance only once in a while? That is what Caseys performance was to me. The 2000 Detroit Lions, about time something decent materialized. Back to mediocrity next week though.

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