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Simon Cowell

June 7, 2011

Casey James: Top 11 Performance (Power of love)

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Taking a cue from the judges’ advice to push himself, Casey has chosen Huey Lewis & the News’ The Power of Love. Meeting Miley, Casey contributes the funniest moment of the night: “I’m a big fan. Of … your dad’s.” CAPTIONBy Michael Becker/FOX The Power of Love is absolutely a non-intuitive choice, but it’s absolutely the right choice for Casey. Huey Lewis, it turns out, is the perfect reference point for Casey’s sweet but slightly rough voice and smiling stage presence. He’s got great guitar tone — the mix is much better than last week — and he gets good lighting. Strong all the way around. Randy, however, wasn’t a fan of the song choice but says Casey did it well. Ellen parrots Randy but adds that it was the best vocal of the night. Kara gushes. “It just gets better and better and better.” Simon says it’s not personal, but he doesn’t know what Kara’s hearing, saying the song was old-fashioned 25 years ago. “It was like watching and listening to an ’80s cover band. … Maybe it’s just me. I’m English.” For clarification, Ryan asks if he deserves to advance. “Yes! Yes!” Randy replies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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