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Simon Cowell

October 2, 2010

Cher Lloyd Backstage Bootcamp Interview! The X Factor 2010 Viva La Vida Coldplay

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Cher Lloyd Exclusive Backstage Bootcamp Interview! ITV 2 Xtra Factor The X Factor 2010 Viva La Vida Coldplay – In the last of this year’s X Factor bootcamp challenges, Cher has carefully selected a song to sing to the judges, but has decided to add some of her own lyrics at the start, in the style of a rap. Realising it’s a risk, will the judges still like the 16 year old? see more at (06/09/10) Cher Lloyd This Morning Interview! After The X Factor 2010 audition (Keri Hilson turn my swag on Soulja Boy) The 16 year old from Malvern in Worcestershire sang Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy. (The Keri Hilson version) for Cheryl, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Natalie Imbruglia in Birmingham. Cher admitted that she was horribly nervous before performing but thankfully it didn’t seem to affect her vocals. After she received a standing ovation from the audience, the judges gave their verdict. Natalie Imbruglia: I think you’re gorgeous. I can feel that you’re really nervous but you have so much potential and have a great voice. Definitely a yes from me. Louis Walsh: Cher, you were born to be a pop star. Cheryl Cole: “You are right up my street! You are actually my favourite audition so far. Little bit of attitude there, I like it.” Simon Cowell: Cher, that was a great, great audition. There is something special about you and I really like you. 100% yes.
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