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Simon Cowell

April 26, 2011

Crystal Bowersox: Top 11 Performance (Bobby Mcgee)

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Crystal Bowersox bobby mcgee American Idol Top 11 Performance The performance of Crystal Bowersox today on the American Idol Top 11 was unbelievably great, For those who are looking for the Crystal Bowersox Bobby Mcgee American Idol Top 11 Performance video,well you are in luck, we will be sharing this one for you guys so that you can check it out how amazing Crystal Bowersox performance on American Idol was, the judges couldnt find anything wrong with Crystal Bowersox Bobby Mcgee version, it was just spectacular, The song by Janis joplin, which was a combination of Blues, Country and Gospel, well fitted Crystal Bowersox that night of the American Idol Top 11 Performance.
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