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Simon Cowell

November 22, 2010

Didi Benami: American Idol Top 8 Girls

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Didi Benami Rianna by Fleetwood Mac Shes got her guitar this week. Good thing, because its really helping. A lot. Shes doing an acoustic thing here, and its very nice. Very unique. Very Didi. She might be back in the game. The best tonight, so far. The judges better be nice. Shes really showing off her phrasing. Nice! The crowd loves it. Didi is back. Randy says, It was a whole lot better than last weekIm not sure there was a wow moment in there. Ellen says, Yes indeede didiYou get back up hereI thought that was a lovely performanceyou did a good job. Kara says, One of my favorite moements in the show so far this seasonsometimes you can surprise us by what you bring to the song. Simon says, I have to agree with Kara. Thank Jeebus! I think that was head and shoulders above everyoneI think she had a wow momentthe whole song was wowafter coming back after getting mauled last weekgetting yourself togetherwell done.

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