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Simon Cowell

October 14, 2010

FAIL American Idol “McDonalds” Happy Meal Toys FUNNY Video by Mike Mozart JeepersMedia Epic

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FAIL American Idol FUNNY McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart of Jeepers Media. American Idol “FUNNY” McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Video Toy Review by Michael Mozart of Jeepers Media. How could McDonald’s License- American Idol for Happy Meals when the kids are 4 5 6 years old eating them?? American Idol is on wayyyy past bedtime! As Funny Simon Cowell would say , I hate to be rude..But. Enjoy my Hilarious and Funny review video of these lame Dumbass “American-Idol” Toys! American Idoll AmericanIdol Epic Fail Video!

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