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Simon Cowell

October 26, 2010

[HD] American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Round 1 – 2/5

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American Idol Season 9 Episode 9 Hollywood Round 1 The Hollywood round begins with nation-spanning golden-ticket winners arriving in California. They struggle through punishing rehearsals and nerve-jangling auditions in the hopes of winning a slot in the Top 24. Ellen DeGeneres joins the judges’ table. American idol “Season 9” “episode 9” Hollywood Round auditions judge Ellen DeGeneres Simon Cowell Randy Jackson Victoria Beckham Kara DioGuardi Paula Abdul fox ryan seacrest results show final semi-final call-back “part 1” “part 2” “part 3” “part 4” “part 5” “part 6” part 01 HD HQ top Andrew Garcia Katie Stevens Vanessa Wolfe Janell Wheeler Haeley Vaughn Mary Powers Toddrick Hall Charity Vance Ashley Rodriguez Lily Scott Sam Larson Tim Urban Casey James Didi Benami
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mary Powers Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar First really good audition of the night. Shes got one of those big raspy rock vocals. Simon thinks shes got a good voice, but cliched. Avril says shes got a cool character to her voice. Everyone says yes. Marys 8 year old daughter meets Simon after the audition. She likes Simon cause hes mean. Simon wonders if shes really his daughter. AJ Mendoza 20 Cult of Personality by In Living Color Next, a clip of Adam Lambert singing We Are the Champions Ryan explains there were Adam clones everywhere. One of the clones swears he shopped a demo to Adam, who loved it. Erm. He sings. Hes loud. Hes offkey. He barely moves his mouthing, resulting in some really strange phrasing. It sounded like youd gone to the dentist about 10 minutes ago with anesthetic. Everyone says no. And then mocks his weird singing. Oh My God! says Avril. Day One is over. And Avril? We barely knew ye. Katy Perry is up next. She looks sensational in a red dress. She swears to be a brutally honest judge And, she thinks its ridiculous that the judges are arriving by helicopter. Austin Surrender by Cheap Trick Water treatment guy, Austin, says he wouldnt mind at all if his fans felt him up. Hed love the Idol tour, then. But hell, no tour for him. Or Hollywood. OMG hes ridiculous. Fake screamy British accent, spastic movements, Weird faces. He thinks singing is his purpose in life. Simon informs him that it is not. More arguing with Simon. Everyone says no, no, no
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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