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Simon Cowell

November 21, 2010

Katy perry & Kara fighting- american idol season 9 + chris audition.flv

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grrrrrr the cat fight
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Crystal Bowersox “People Get Ready” American Idol 2010 Top 7 Inspirational Songs final performance season 9 April 21. Alicia Keys was the mentor for Songs of Inspiration week. “People Get Ready” by The Impressions. The talented contestant ended the performance in tears. Judges Randy : Been a fan since day 1. That is how you do it. Unbelievable. Ellen : You have never looked more beautiful. you keep evolving and growing, and getting better and better. Content from Wakeupboys’ channel. Kara: Thank you so much for taking a risk and putting your guitar down. And Mama Sox, do you know why they call you that? ‘Cause you just schooled all those contestants. Simon: That was inspirational. I am actually, in a strange way, happy to see you emotional. You sang it fantastically. For me it was in completely different class than anything else we’ve heard tonight.

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