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Simon Cowell

February 5, 2011

Lee Dewyze – “The Boxer” on American Idol TOP 7 2010

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Lee DeWyze Top 7 “The Boxer” American Idol Inspirational Songs 2010 final performance season 9 April 21. Alicia Keys was the mentor for Songs of Inspiration week. “The Boxer” is a song by Simon & Garfunkel. Judges Randy : I think you are a great artist ready to make great music, and I think you’re going to have a big career. Very nice. Ellen : Beautiful song choice. We are seeing better and better from you. Your best performance by far. Kara: I think you had your moment tonight with that performance. Keep picking things you feel connected to. Simon: Even though we are only 2 in, that was the best of the night. The difference between you and the first performance is staggering because that was sincere, it was emotional. I thought that was absolutely brilliant.

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