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Simon Cowell

July 18, 2011

Peters And Lee Dont Stay Away Too Long 1974

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Peters & Lee, the 70’s duo won Tv show Opportunity Knocks many times, a show just like todays Britains, Americas got tallent and X factor, Simon Cowell I am sure would have an opinion, however I loved the group, great memories of summer days back in 1974,75, lyrics below. Its time that you were going And theres no way of knowing How long well be apart Wherever life may lead you Remember how I need you Keep our love locked in your heart, ^wo-oh, wo-oh Jet plane flying high above me Dont stay away too long Come back darling, say you love me Dont stay away too long Tell me youll be thinking of me Each time you hear this song Well love again, some other day Dont stay away too long^^ I miss you every minute My world without you in it Is such an empty place When days bring rainy weather As long as were together There is nothing we cant face
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the best contestant in x factor history!!!!! and the best exit 🙁
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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