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Simon Cowell

October 22, 2010

Storm Lee sings Born to Run – The X Factor Live show 2 (Full Version)

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The X Factor 2010: Storm loved his performance last week, but it turned out that he didn’t have many fans. Can Storm turn it around and get some positive responses from the judges?
Video Rating: 2 / 5

American Idol Season 9 – Episode 9 Hollywood Round 1 Finally, we are in Hollywood and Ellen is on board. 181 folks are competing for the top 24 slots. We see folks arriving by bus, car, foot, etc. to the Kodak Theatre. Day One Ryan introduces Ellen and the kids cheer. She talks to them about knowing what it’s like to stand onstage and feel like you have to please a room full of people. The judges take their places and Ellen says to Simon, “so this it, I come on, you leave.” He laughs. The first round: sudden death when people can sing a cappella or with an instrument. american idol “american idol” “season 9” “episode 9” “american idol season 9 episode 9” “american idol episode 9” simon cowell randy jackson ellen degeneres auditions round superbowl “super bowl” fox “idol fox” idolonfox “Andrew Garcia” “Janell Wheeler” “Mary Powers” “Didi Benami” “Crystal Bowersox” “Casey James”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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