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Simon Cowell

July 15, 2011

Susan Boyle’s Second Best Song.

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Susan Boyle should perform live her second best performance – “Killing Me Softly”. A second song that Susan Boyle recorded in 1999 has surfaced! has come into possession of a recording that Susan Boyle made in 1999 of the 1973 hit song Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. It seems Ms. Boyle made the recording at her own expense to attempt to get on various television and radio talent shows, all of which she was not accepted to. At the time she made the recording she told her friends that she had spent all of her savings on recording thsi song and an earlier demo version of what would become her Cry Me A River release on a charity CD. The youngest of nine children, Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. “I come from a musical family,” she says. “It has always been there, from my father down. Singing is always something I have done. It has been in my blood since I was 12 and took part in school productions and shows.” She attended Edinburgh Acting School and has appeared in the Edinburgh Fringe. She recorded a charity CD of Cry Me a River in 1999, of which 1000 copies were pressed. She also had a previous brush with television, appearing on Michael Barrymore’s ITV show My Kind of People, but unlike others – such as Charlotte Church, who were plucked to stardom after appearances on other shows – nobody came knocking for Boyle. “I did My Kind of People for fun,” she says. “I also sang locally but things had quietened

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