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Susan Boyle

April 20, 2011

2012 ASCENSION UFO’s NWO David Icke Alex Jones 1 OF 10

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David Icke researcher is interviewed by Alex Jones, truth seeking journalist on the subject of the hidden agenda taking place on planet Earth. The Secret Elite Groups of the world have been controlling the mass population of earth through disinformation by suppressing leading scientists and historians in order to maintain our dependance on the current outdated energy system (Oil and Gas ). There have been over 125 types of engineering for clean free energy since 1902 but they have been either bought out by the oil companies or suppressed by the major corporations in order to maintain the current system of slavery by currency, energy and stockmarket control. David also talks about how they use fear such as the swine flu to keep us in a state of permenant adrenaline rush by using primitive emotions such as division, fear and mistrust. Alex Jones has an excellent Website at David Icke also has an Excellent Website at
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