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Susan Boyle

April 19, 2011


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Michael Cremo talks about the Hidden History of Planet Earth what he calls Forbidden Archaeology. Human beings are much older than what mainsteam science has potrayed and there is plenty of evidence of human remains and structures which are way to old to explain with the present theories. This has been hidden on purpose firstly by the secret sects which want to dumb us down, they actively destroyed a lot of historical monuments in the 1880’s because they wanted to keep this secret to themselves. Secondly by pressure induced by the Academic Universities to only think within a limited paradigm. If an archaeologist or historian presents new data not within the box they are actively ridiculed and may even lose there job. Most Universities are heavily sponsored by private corporations or by donations from the super rich who wish for this ignorance to continue so mankind can be controlled. Michael Cremo has an Excellent Website at More Great Radio Shows like this at
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I Dreamed a Dream, from the TAC. The audio has been replaced with audio from the CD.
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