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Susan Boyle

September 7, 2010

America’s Got Talent, 10 year old, Jackie Evancho, August 10, 2010-YouTube

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The You Tube Community picked their favorite singer 10 year old Jackie Evancho from Pittsburgh, Penna. She can be compared to Susan Boyle, this child may look like an average kid, but the gift this young prodigy has is a miracle. The video entry gave an amazing performance that one person commented sounded like an Angel. Looking to be a very young contestant, there is no doubt she might steal the show. Bio Jackie Evancho – 10yrs old – Singer Jackie has a style that is all her own. At ten years old, she possesses an ability that many older artists lack. Her talent and presence captivate all that hear her. Jackie performs with such style and grace that we forget that we are watching/listening to a child. She has been called by a many, a singing prodigy! LIFELINE LIVE: More on Jackie, plus see video During rehearsals, “the whole crew was saying it looked like she’s lip-syncing,” he says. “And on the close-ups, her mouth is moving a different way than the sound coming out. It is weird, but it’s just how she sings.” The voters embraced her happily: On Wednesday’s results show, Evancho advanced to the semifinals. Further testimony to her true talent comes from her track record: Her self-released EP, Prelude to a Dream, has sold around the world, and she has performed with David Foster, sung the national anthem at the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener and appeared on PBS. “She is just truly blessed with a voice that’s phenomenal,” says classical-crossover composer/conductor Tim
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