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Susan Boyle

December 23, 2010

An Cafe Nyappy in the world 2 eng translation lyrics

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Translation of Nyappy in the World 2 An Cafe Nyappy Everyone! Credits translation goes to:
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This is actually part 10 of a series of messages given out by Alaje from the Pleiades since 2008. He talks about the presence of a small group of Negative Extraterrestrials whom will be portrayed as Benevolent ( Positive) by the Secret World Goverment which they are not !!!! The Real Benevolent Extraterrestrials are mostly human looking and believe in Peace and Love. They want to guide us but their help has been rejected in the past by our Greedy Goverments. These Goverments are only interested in Technology for Money or Power or even Greater Control by dumbing down the General population. He warns of a plan to implant every human on the planet with a RFID silicon chip implant underneath the skin by using created disasters to bring in Emergency Measures. You can protect yourself from being deceived by raising your Spiritual Energy. Your spiritual energy can be raised easily by using meditation techniques, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and acting in a kind loving manner towards others.

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