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Susan Boyle

December 19, 2010

Dahil Sa Kanya – ThirdFloorMan and JustHush (HQ)

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Artist: ThirdFloorMan and JustHush Album: Isang Bagsak Directed By: JustHush and ThirdFloorMan Edited By: JustHush Produced By: ToneyChrome, EnzayneOne 187 Mobstaz Entertainment Copyright 2009 Try it on [HQ]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Subscribe to Rhett and Link and I will give you a bunny Check out their new CD here: In which Hank, Rhett and Link sing a song about the stupidest news stories of 2009. Including, but not limited to, drug scandals, sex scandals, balloon boys, pig epidemics, and more. And my New CD is on sale as well! Our Lyric Sheet (not exact…but it’ll give you an idea) RHETT&Link C Hank do you remember when all of georgia fled F that flood that left thousands homeless and seven dead G But while those people drowned and their houses went adrift GC The news was about kanye west….and taylor swift HANK Indeed rhett&link, I see the news media failin every time anyone mentions…sarah palin They dispatch a dozen camera crews every time she poos While I can’t escape the feeling she’s just not news RHETT&Link And swine flu, while a killer, got more love than it needed Killing 4000 people while the normal flu, unheeded Kills 60000 people year in and year out People like to have something to freak out about HANK But then there was that michael phelps marijuana scandal Just one picture and the media flew off their handle I mean, he did the exact same thing as our last three presidents something about our priorities here does not make sense ALL FC So Many important things happened this year friend GC Iran’s Election and Mass Recession and Obama sworn in FC But to us the things on cable news seem so freaking dumb GC R&L: And we can only hope that we’re not
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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