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Susan Boyle

October 26, 2010

for Susan Boyle a Christmas Song ” Bright Star of Bethlehem”

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I wrote this song in hopes that one day Susan Boyle will sing it. I tried getting it to her through lawyers and publishers with no luck, since no one wanted to represent an “outsider” songwriter, so I thought I’d try YouTube. In the song, the Star of Bethlehem stands for hope and peace and all things bright and true. To me, Susan Boyle represents these things, too. I hope it reaches her, and that she likes it. “Bright Star of Bethlehem” Other Lighthouse Music, ASCAP Words: Melanie McMillan, Martha McConnell Music: Melanie McMillan Arrangement, Engineering: Michael McGinnis, Concentrix Music Sung by: Melanie McMillan Consultant: Kim Copeland Productions Video: Bluer Seas Productions
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Every photo was taken from my back door or from the seat of my truck. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can not do something. With God’s help and your faith, it is all possible. God Bless! Note: I do not own the music, but did download it legally. I do own all of the photos.
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