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Susan Boyle

October 8, 2010

Hot Chip-Keep Quiet (New Album)

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Susan Boyle’s first single ever released!!! Cry me a river Susan Boyle’s first single ever released!!! But the Record can reveal she made her first recording back in 1999, when she sang blues ballad Cry Me A River for a charity CD. Only 1000 copies of the disc were ever produced, but weve got hold of the long-forgotten recording and its now on our site. A showbiz insider said: This is a real coup for the Record. The whole world would have wanted to find this. People will be scrambling to get their hands on this CD. They will be like gold dust soon. Susan, 48, of Blackburn, West Lothian, has gone from obscurity to worldwide fame in less than a week after her amazing Britains Got Talent debut. Its all a far cry from 1999, when Susan recorded her track for the charity compilation CD at Whitburn Academy, where X Factor winner Leon Jackson went to school. The Millennium Celebration disc, which was partly funded by Whitburn Community Council, was the brainchild of local newspaper editor Eddie Anderson. He launched a search for unsigned acts to take part. And as soon as he heard Susan at the auditions he knew he had found something special. I was amazed when she sang, Eddie said. It was probably the same reaction as everyone had last Saturday. Susan was exactly the same then as she is now. She has a fabulous and unique talent. Now you say you’re lonely You cry the long night through Well, you can cry me a river Cry me a river I cried a river over you Now you say you’re sorry For

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