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Susan Boyle

September 6, 2010

Janey Cutler 80 YR Old Vs Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On Titanic HD

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Janey Cutler No Regrets 80 Year Old Grandma Vs Susan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream Cats Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On Titanic Michael Chance Grayson is amazing too HD High Definition Pop Rock Rap Hip Hop Country His name is Greyson Michael Chance paparazzi cover 13 year old boy Janey Culter Edith Piaf’s `Non, Je Ne Regret Rien’ Simon Cowell Singer Live
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Susan Boyle talking to Patti Lupone….Despite the patronising manner of the interviewers, Its great to see Susan doing well. Go Susan. But we are not asking for “feminine”…thats the whole point! , we have celebs that have been pulled and tweaked and airbrushed and…we have magazines that constantly make us feel bad about the way we look. They focus in on cellulite, scars… an ounce of fat or a spot (zit) and your yesterdays news. That is the whole point of this story! It seems we are going back to our roots. I remember living with my Aunts in Scotland, the pubs closed at 10…as did the TV, no internet, no mobiles…we all sang, as I am sure Susan Boyle and her mother did. Susan Boyle was brought up in that enviroment and thus had the time to practice and entertain her mother, and sometimes the neighbours. These days its all hurly and burly, getting thin, getting a tan, getting in with the right crowd, making sure your Facebook is up to date and projecting the right image of yourself and how wonderful and perfect and fabulous your life is. Susan Boyle just sang…and look at the tizzy we are getting into. Just relax and listen to her voice. That is all.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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