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Susan Boyle

May 11, 2011

Rolf Harris ::: I’ve Lost My Mummy (with lyrics)

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Rolf Harris and his I’ve Lost My Mummy … now who else could get away with this but Rolf . I remember being in this situation many, many times … ‘cos me mam was a right so and so about looking for bargains … she often forgot I existed when the lure of a half-priced hat (they all wore ’em in those days) or some off cut of material flashed at her from three counters away. After a minute or so I would start to wail and be whisked off somewhere strange … they would interrogate me and then … “We have a little boy called Rikkyhardo here … would his mother please come to the manager’s office and pick him up. What an ordeal! And now … the lyrics Just like the inside of any big shop, people were everywhere, Suddenly business was brought to a stop when a terrible yell hit the air… [chorus] I’ve lost my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa, I’ve lost my mummy. [deep, indrawn sob] I’ve lost my mummy, a-ha-ha-haaaa, I’ve lost my mummy! ub, ub hup ub hup hup ub hup hup ub. People all gathered to look at the lad, patted him on the head. [Woman] Where was your mummy, when you saw her last? Turning to her the boy said… [repeat chorus] Down came the manager to fix up the mess, took the small boy aside, [Manager] Come on now lad, let’s have your name and address, With a lungful of air he replied… [repeat chorus] Well just then his mother appeared on the spot, gave him a hefty whack [sound of smack] [Mother] That oughta teach you to go and get lost! and the little boy’s voice floated back
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