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Susan Boyle

May 18, 2011

Wait until I grow up – inspirational video

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“The Impossible Dream” shares a secret… Plastic commercials propagate perfect lives and perfect features to the unlucky and the broken, rubbing salt in the wounds of dreams that can never be. Or can they? A Barbie video proclaims “I can be” Who can you be? Who placed the limitations on who you can become and what you can do? Many videos on youtube make claims such as: This is one one of the most inspirational videos ever. Or: The best video ever. Many claim to reveal secrets and mysteries. Many offer good karma to you such as a recent one featuring music by Enigma and titled “Hug for the World” Though it is true that we do need encouragement, inspiration, motivation and truth, everything spiritual isn’t per se filled with love… and you can easily land in a ditch in this very confused and broken world. Rhydian Roberts brought this powerful inspirational song in the limelight again during the very popular show X-factor. To many with their broken hearts this is a very sad song, maybe the saddest song ever, but there is hope, there is a way to wipe the tears away. To dream the impossible dream To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go To right the unrightable wrong To love pure and chaste from afar To try when your arms are too weary To reach the unreachable star This is my quest To follow that star No matter how hopeless No matter how far To fight for the right Without question or pause To be willing to march into Hell
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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