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Susan Boyle

November 15, 2010

Xcalizorz | Surprise Bitch (Comtage)

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A collection of good Xcal moments. An Xcalizorz Montage some might say. A commentary montage. Ignore Extra tags: mw2 modern warfare 2 call of duty cod4 montage ownage pwnige raped rapige mercked KD amazing wondderful barret.50cal intervention ump-45 wa200 m21 m16aa shotgun model187 glitch unlimited ammo glitch modds glitches bling sleight of hand pro onlyusemeblade thatguywhocamps wingofredemption knife onl throwing knife susan boyle xfactor fred figgle horn all cammos for free teamdeathmatch ffa SnD search and destory 10th prestige glitch hsx9 callatorlaz beta gameplay excalzor themightyhutch shawn dawson jordan grenade kill kill cam round winning kill best ever streak quickest nuke 360 no-scope quikscope 360 quick-scope sniper spray and pray spray n pray sagespartan007 pyrotoz pyropuncher epic Call of Duty Modern Warfare CoD CoD2 CoD4 COD:WaW COD5 CoD6 MW2 Activision Infinity Ward Treyarch First Person Shooter Sniper Rifle Shotgun MLG Gamebattles CoD:MW2 Soap MacTavish Roach Captain Price AA-12 Ranger Akimbo FAMAS M16A4 Intervention GOTY Striker MP5K Vector Sub-machine gun SMG LMG Commentated Gameplay Commentary Video Xcalizorz BlameTruth Hutch HD Hauppauge PVR M24 SAW machinima respawn Double Jord duble jord Holo sight thermal pyrotoz xi-use-knife-x commentary live commentary commentateing knife only shank ownage uk_noxiide

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