The Importance of Nutrition

Well, in this article, we will briefly and specifically discuss about the importance of nutrition for your human body as well. Perhaps, for those who are being doctor in the hospital, the healthy food is the priority to be fulfilled for them. It is because they have learnt the anatomy of human organ structure and now what food that they need in order to fulfill the nutritional needs. It is because some food contains of vitamin, carbohydrate, mineral, fiber, calcium, magnesium, and other element which very important to keep the body healthy. Therefore, in this article, we will give the information about what food which contains of rich nutrition. Hopefully, this information can give the contribution to healthier life of human.


Fruit Contains Much Nutrition

If you are already decide to have and consume the food which rich of nutritional elements, you can start by having the fruit as the daily food for desserts or even to replace your breakfast and lunch. There are very many fruits which contain distinctly vitamin on it. For instance, you can have the apple just to take the calorie to gain energy for your body. An apple contains of 75 calories and 3 gram of fibre. It is best as the replacement of lunch as well. The daily consumption of apples can prevent you from getting the risky disease as worst as diabetes. Secondly, you can have the banana which contains much nutrition such as 105 calories, 3 gram of fibre, vitamin B6, potassium and folate. Banana has function to lower your blood level as well as preventing you to get the high temper blood which can cause badly to stroke.

The Fulfillment of Nutrition

Well, if you are deciding to have the healthy lifestyle, we really suggest you have the optimal nutrition needs. Your meal must at least contain of rice or bread which contains of carbohydrate, meat which contains of fat, vegetables which contains of fibre, and fruit which contains of much nutrition as well as vitamin. With the mix of foods, you can stabilize the nutritious consumption as well as to have the healthier body. You can also have the vitamin C through sweet tablet which can prevent you from getting dehydration. Besides all of these, the important thing you need to note is consuming sufficient water daily. The reason is human body contains 75% with water. Therefore, if you consume least water, it can impact on dehydration which can cause lethargy. Overall, it is important to pay attention in the fulfillment of nutrition for your body.

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