You Will Dead fast if you Do These 4 Unhealthy Behaviors!

Many people want to have long age in life. Nobody wants to feel suffer in their life and hope for death. However, if you always do unhealthy lifestyle, it can make you death in an instant before you realize it. When you want to have long age in life, it is obvious that you have to do good lifestyle. When you do good lifestyle, you will be able to make the condition and quality of your body remains. Here are several things that you can do to be able to have long age in life.

First, you have to say “NO” to alcohol. It means that do not drink alcohol at all! When people drink alcohol, it will reduce the quality of their heart. Teenager in 20 years old – 25 years old who often drink alcohol will get several types of ailments in their 30 – 40 years old. In addition, the probability of death in the age of 41- 50 years old will increase until 80%! It means that you will die fast if you drink alcohol too much. For that reason, do not ever dare to try drinking alcohol at all for your good lifestyle.


Second, fast food is the begging of your lifestyle disaster. Based on the analysis done by researches in America, they found that people who eat 2 menus of fast foods in 1 week will be able to reduce the quality of their internal organ up to 1%. It means that your body will root as long as you eat fast food again and again. Make sure to stop this eating fast food behavior immediately. Rather than eating fast food, you can change your menu into something healthy such as salad and fruit juice.

Third, you have to do physical exercise every day. Doing physical exercise in outdoor area is good idea of lifestyle. Make sure to spend your time 30 minutes every day to walk outside of your house and feel the breeze and fresh air around you. This is useful to make your body becomes fresh and nice. It can also make internal organ in your body remains well later.

Fourth, you may like to drink variety of “colorful drink”. It means that some people love to drink colorful menu, such as syrup drink, coffee drink, and many more. Indeed, the taste of this drink is delicious but you have to know the fact that this drink can make you die fast. It can reduce the quality of your kidney too.

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